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Why Set Time for each match in a tournament so important?

Of course it is very important that you can get Free point through it

2023-09-08 15:45
Tournament-3(Sniper) Launched...

This is 1v1 BO3 Tournament which will help us to select best sop player

2023-08-28 23:30
Finally ! Tournament-2 Ended

All the players in the tournament performed very well And And finally we determine one player as the winner

2023-08-27 22:41
Tournament-2 Started

All the players are ready for the tournament now the game will start

2023-08-07 10:26
Why my tournament join request pending?

You must join our community and send message with your username..

2023-07-31 20:47
Tournament-(2) Launched 🔊

This is a 1v1 ft3 tournament, match details will be announced very soon

2023-07-30 14:34

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