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Why Set Time for each match in a tournament so important?

We know everyone has a job/work . That means no one is always free.
That's why we give every member a chance to decide their tournament match Time.

What are the benefits of doing this?

You Will get auto win.. Conditions are below:
1/ You must set the time for match and you have to stay online on this time.In your match time, You have to mention your opponent in group about your match. And you have to wait upto 20 minute for his response
2/ If he Didn't Reply you and also he Didn't set his match time Then you will get Autowin for this match after expiry time.
[Point: 1, total kill=0]
2/ If your opponent set time, you have to stay online on this time.If you Don't stay online on that time and also on your set time, then he will get auto win.
Admin will decide everything on this case


How to set time???

1/ At first you have to login or if you are already logged in then no need.
2/ You will see in your match homepage, and beside your match you will see This icon.
3/ Click on it amd set your desired match time. Btw You can play your match any time (No need to think about your opponent, you will set it with your own wish but Don't set tome for opponent at late time)

Posted by Rahad9999
2023-09-08 15:45